Arbel group is a leader in the global market in leadership, coaching, mentoring and consulting. 


We aim to support your organization, team, company, boutique consultancies, or individuals’ aspirations. We offer leadership programmes & workshops to facilitate leadership development, to build team culture and performance. We also facilitate strategic planning and decision making as well as provide insights into how organizations and teams/individuals can work together.


Arbel Group provides a range of support options to make leadership change sustainable, including follow up events. Customization and flexibility are crucial to the success of our group. Let us assess your needs and we have the methodology to blend into your organization at many different levels. 


Arbel Group considers volunteering as a community contribution, to be one of the major guiding principles in our group and in our joint activities with clients. 

Our Group

Our Approach


We believe that before we can lead others, we must examine our own personal leadership skills. Before we turn to our family members, our students, our apprentices, we have to look inwards in order to get the best out of ourselves and others. We must determine our personalities’ traits, what drives us, what our strengths are and how our values align with the values of the organization we work for.


No matter what context we find ourselves in, we can always distinguish between managers and leaders. Obviously, a manager can’t be always a leader, but a leader can be a manager.


We believe that anyone can be a leader, because if every single person guides themselves and make the best out of their own qualities, by doing so they will inadvertently affect those around them, thus enabling everyone to make the most out of the group and the entire organization.


We focus on inter-generational leadership and examine the communication means and capacities between the various parties in the organization.


When external chaos makes it difficult to make decisions, we work with organizations to provide solutions handling  personal and organizational conflicts.